4 sept. 2009

Primus_ They Can't All Be Zingers: Best of Primus

01- To defy the laws of tradition.
02- John the fisherman.
03- Too many puppies.
04- Jerry was a race car driver.
05- Those damned blue-collar tweekers.
06- Tommy the cat.
07- My name is Mud.
08- Mr. Krinkle.
09- DMV.
10- Over the electric grapevine.
11- Wynona's big brown beaver.
12- Southbound pachyderm.
13- Over the falls.14- Shake hands with beef.
15- Coattails of a deadman.
16- Mary the ice cube.

Descarga: http://www.zshare.net/download/5501377102ebb70d/

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